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Hip Hop, Break Dance, Modern Dance classes in Reggio Emilia


Healthy American Dance House Reggio Emilia Dance House is the first American dance school in Italy, born with the idea of creating a true family based on values such as cooperation, respect and humility.

We offer advanced level dance classes, aimed at an audience oriented to competition but also for those who want to learn these disciplines for fun, from 3 years up to the elderly and disabled.

The courses will be structured to teach the basics, the technique, the history and culture behind each dance style.

Hip Hop, Break Dance, Krumping, Flexing, Video Dance are just a few styles of American Street Dance you can dance with us.
In addition to American dance we teach many other disciplines, from Modern Dance to Argentine Tango, Swing, Ballet,
but also fitness classes like Zumba Fitness and X-Tempo and many other services.

Our Dance House is equipped with the most innovative technologies for the protection of health, it's a BIO-ENVIRONMENT built with 100% natural materials, with also three soundproof booths dedicated to the medical studies.

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